Dermal Fillers

Noticing fine lines, wrinkles, or lack of volume around your face? Dermal fillers are a painless, non-surgical option to correct unwanted signs of aging with almost zero downtime. From plumper lips to brighter under eyes, our variety of injectable fillers help create a younger, more refreshed appearance that’s always natural looking.

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What To Expect

Dermal fillers are completed through small non-invasive needles which are done in a simple office procedure. This treatment typically takes around 10-15 minutes and most patients have little to no pain. Dr. Bader will offer a nerve block prior to the injections to ensure a painless experience. The results are immediately visible and depending on the type of filler used can last anywhere from 6-18 months. 

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Dermal fillers have very few side effects. Often a patient will experience minimal swelling, redness, or bruising post-injections which will subside within 24-72 hours. In order to ensure a speedy recovery, patients should avoid strenuous exercise following treatment, ice the area, and elevate their head while sleeping.  

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Dr Bader is one of the most experienced and accomplished injectors in DFW. He is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon. He has been named a D Magazine Best Doctor, voted by his peers, every year since 2013.

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