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The nose is the most commonly fractured facial bone due to its central and prominent position. A blow to the nose can be very painful and often causes a nosebleed. The subsequent swelling can obscure the underlying anatomy and it can be difficult to determine if a nasal fracture is present. X-rays and CT scans can be expensive and expose patients to radiation and are usually unnecessary when evaluating nasal fractures. Dr. Bader will perform a thorough exam of your nose to determine if it has been broken. Most nasal fractures will heal properly without any intervention.

If the shape of your nose was significantly altered or you are experiencing trouble breathing through your nose you may be a candidate for surgery. Most fractures can be treated without an incision by manipulating the nasal bones back into proper position, known as a closed reduction, and held in place by a nasal splint for a short period of time.

The nasal septum is the partition of bone and cartilage that divides the left and right sides of the nose. The force of a blow to the nose can be transmitted through the nasal septum and lead to a fracture. This can cause a deviated septum and blockage of nasal breathing. A reduction of the septal fracture and septoplasty are often necessary to correct this problem. This requires an incision hidden inside the nose.

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Some nasal fractures that are more complex or that have already fused and healed often require more extensive reconstructive surgery. Some patents still have a nasal deformity even after their fracture was treated with a closed reduction. This can be addressed with revision surgery aimed at reshaping and repositioning the nasal bones. New cuts in the nasal bones, known as osteotomies, to reduce and set the fracture properly may be necessary. Nasal obstruction can develop even years after a nasal fractures as been properly reduced due to weakening of some of the attachments between the nasal cartilages and the nasal bones. Revision surgery aimed at reinforcing and re-suspending the supportive cartilages of the nose.

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Both the staff and Dr. Bader were personable and they made me feel comfortable. This is sometimes difficult for me as I am one of those who are very nervous when seeing a doctor that I’ve not established rapport with previously.


I felt very comfortable with Dr. Bader. Good bedside manner. Trusted his judgement. The office staff was great too!


I thought he was awesome! He really listens and shows concern for your health!


I think he is an excellent doctor. Addressed my concerns and answered my questions. I thought he was very thorough and I would recommend.


Doctor Bader’s strong confidence and cheerful approach has allowed me to never doubt the outcome of any procedure I consult him on. He takes great strides to ensure comfort and understanding and I have had complete success and extreme satisfaction the many times he has helped me. I have referred other friends to Dr. Bader and never hesitate to contact him with any questions. He is unusually accommodating and takes as much time as necessary to address all questions raised. Just a great experience all around.


I am so thankful for Dr. Bader. Since the first day I met with him, I knew I was in good hands. He is extremely knowledgeable and an expert in his field. He walked me through the surgery process step by step. Thanks to Dr. Bader, I can breathe like I never have before, and I absolutely love the cosmetic work he did on my nose as well. I have had many compliments on it. I also must say that my recovery was unbelievably easy. I didn’t have one complication. I would highly recommend Dr. Bader and his friendly staff. You will be very satisfied!


Dr. Bader’s staff is so friendly and personable; I look forward to my visit every three months. I’ve been using Dr. Bader for many years for my quarterly BOTOX injections and I’m pleased with the results every time. He listens to what my desires are and executes them perfectly. I do refer anyone and everyone to Dr. Bader when asked for aging assistance. Five Stars!


Dr. Bader was highly recommended to me by my brother who is a physician. He was very knowledgeable, experienced, and kind and I was extremely pleased with my outcome. I have recommended him to others, including family members, who have had great experiences and results, as well.


After consulting with several facial plastic surgeons, I chose Dr. Bader based on his thorough explanations of procedures and techniques, his ability to effectively answer all of my questions and concerns, and the caring nature of his staff. Although my facial surgery was minor in scope, Dr. Bader really understood how important it was to me.


Dr. Bader did a deviated septum and rhinoplasty for our daughter. She was so happy with the outcome of the surgery. He is very thorough and the office staff is wonderful at answering any questions you may have. If you are looking for a doctor who makes you feel confident and comfortable then Dr. Bader and staff are the right choice.

Terri Broussard

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for getting me in last Friday. My results are amazing already, I feel like a new person.


A big thank you for the beautiful flowers you sent after my procedure! Thank you for the caring before during, and after. Can’t wait for the final results!


I couldn’t be happier. You and Dr Bader make the office a warm and caring placing. I am forever grateful for a beautiful job, well done. I think y’all are wonderful


I really appreciate Dr. Bader for his patience, kindness and caring attitude! He answered all of my questions and performed a surgery beyond my expectations. I’m in love with my new nose and 10/10 recommend him to anyone and everyone! 


I will definitely return. Dr. Bader and his staff are wonderful! Dr. Bader’s techniques and care are as close to perfection as it gets. The staff are very friendly, honest people. I have had fillers and Botox and I am very pleased. At my age 52 I was seeking a natural rejuvenated look and Dr. Bader was able to deliver.


Came to Dr Bader today to have botox injected and he was SO incredibly thorough and took time to explain everything to me, which is much different than the provider that I have been seeing previously for my botox. Will definitely be coming back to Dr Bader for all my fillers and botox!


Very good Dr/Surgeon.. I would highly recommend to anyone… Excellent bedside manners

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Dr. Bader is not only one of the best doctors in Dallas, he is one of the best in the country! He is gifted surgically, is highly intelligent and well read, and is completely devoted to ensuring his patients receive the very best care. If anybody asks me who to see in Dallas for facial plastic surgery, I would not recommend anybody over Dr. Bader.

P. Daniel Ward